Meet Our Team

Minesh Bhindi

Wealth Manager

After investing moving to investing in Gold & Silver in 2009, Minesh set off to see if he could create an investment strategy that worked like an appliance, one that you effectively plug in and it works, through Gold And Silver For Life we share that strategy and have now proven the concept with clients worldwide.

Deep Jethwa

Director of
Client Success

After using the strategy for 2 years and successful achieving a higher than marketed ROI, Deep joined the team as our Client Success Coach and works with every single client to make sure they get the
most important thing, results.

Rakhee Shah

President of
Strategic Partnerships

After 5 years of PR & Business Development Experience Rakhee found herself wanting to invest her money, after Minesh showed her how to create a simple Gold & Silver savings account, she became passionate about the strategy and decided to come on-board and create
partnerships to share the message.

Peter Halm

Vice-President of
Strategic Partnerships

After meeting Minesh in 2012 and watching the growth of Gold And Silver For Life, Peter decided to join the team and bring his expertise in investing and Partnerships to the team to help us deepen our relationships with clients worldwide.

Isabel Gonzalez

Chief Client Officer

Isabel has worked with Minesh since before Gold And Silver For Life and not only did she see the inception, she’s also spoken to every single client we’ve ever had. She’s the gateway, if someone wants to work with us,
they speak to Isabel first.

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