3 Steps to Cash-Flow Gold & Silver and Create a Passive Income of 12% to 26.4% Per Year...

(even with little-to-no risk and all in under 20 minutes a month!)


Let's Grow Your Wealth Safely! In This Masterclass, You'll Discover...

  • The simple strategy plan my clients are using to go from 0.5%/year earned in the bank  to 2.2%/month in by cash-flowing their Gold & Silver...without a huge time investment, risking huge amounts of money, or anything that puts your money at RISK.

  • Why spending years 'letting an expert do it for you' and trying to hand over your money and pray is the exact WRONG strategy...and the simple plan that'll build you a multi-million dollar retirement fund safely, consistently and easily.

  • The secret to earning a cashflow of 1% to 2.2% every month... and hedging your money int the worlds safest assets... Gold & Silver.

  • How my clients go from worried about their future to completely confident and bringing in the double-digit ROI's they prayed and PAID their "money manager" for.

  • How to grow your money from anywhere in the world, in less than 20 minutes a month, with just a laptop and an Internet connection... (Forget laptop, I use an iPhone to manage my portfolio.)

  • How to tell the difference between a Gold scam that's designed to take your money and actually a GOOD deal... that means you buy Gold and Silver at the same price institutions do.

  • AND...how to do all of this while being 100% safe and not risking any more than YOU want at any time and still deliver amazing double-digit ROI's while creating the wealth and opportunities you want for your families future.

Presented by

Minesh Bhindi

Minesh Bhindi is the Wealth Manager and Consultant who's strategy forms the basis of the training we do. He's helped investors protect and grow their wealth with Gold & Silver in 46 countries implement the strategy with an average ROI of 2.2% per month since 2010 with little risk.

Snippets from

Our Current Clients

"I've been using Minesh's strategy for 2 years now, can't say enough good things about it, incredibly easy way to cashflow my investments, less than 5 minutes work per month."


"The training was really eye-opening, this is a very clever investing strategy, I was amazed to see I made 2.7% returns my first month! What a breath of fresh air, investment education that over-delivers!"



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